Valeria Lukyanova- A Human Barbie Doll

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Pradipna Lodh

The latest picture which is doing the rounds in the various social networking sites is that of Valeria Lukyanova who is also known as a human barbie doll. This 29 year old Ukranian model is a head turner for the people for her absolutely perfect features. It is really very rare and hard to digest the fact that one can go to such an extent to look beautiful.

When I read the news of this Barbie doll for the first time, I really could not believe the fact so easily that this girl exists in reality. Hence, I decided to do some research on her and compiled some interesting facts about her.

She has natural green eyes, but wears contact lenses to accentuate her looks.

She took a pledge that she will live only on light and air without eating any food.

As a child, she was so obsessed with…

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