Your Child’s Dream

Every child has her own idea of what home is. They often pretend to build make believe houses to express their creativity and imagination which is very essential in establishing their own perception of the family and home.
It does not matter of your child’s dreams is unrealistic or seems totally off the planet. The important thing is to get him excited and willing to learn more. If he aspires to be a pilot, then it is likely he will be interested to learn Science, Maths and Painting.
However, most parents said that their children do not know what they want. I feel that the primary reason boils down to their limiting beliefs. If you can give them a genie lamp which can grant them anything in the world, I am sure they will come out with a list of things! Hence, as along as you can help them to break down their limiting beliefs, I am sure they will dare to set BIG goals for themselves.The other reason could be because your child has not been exposed to the possibilities of what he can achieve in life. This is an area which you can help your child by exposing him to the different possibilities or even different careers in life.
You can also share your own dreams and goals with your child! Effective parents make it a family activity to share their goals with one another and give each other through constant encouragement. Some parents are worried that their kids may not be interested in adult goals such as career or health. But trust me; you will be greatly surprised at how inspired your kids will be when you share your part of life with them. They will feel so much more knowledgeable to learn some adult stuff that was never taught in school!


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