Valeria Lukyanova- A Human Barbie Doll

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The latest picture which is doing the rounds in the various social networking sites is that of Valeria Lukyanova who is also known as a human barbie doll. This 29 year old Ukranian model is a head turner for the people for her absolutely perfect features. It is really very rare and hard to digest the fact that one can go to such an extent to look beautiful.

When I read the news of this Barbie doll for the first time, I really could not believe the fact so easily that this girl exists in reality. Hence, I decided to do some research on her and compiled some interesting facts about her.

She has natural green eyes, but wears contact lenses to accentuate her looks.

She took a pledge that she will live only on light and air without eating any food.

As a child, she was so obsessed with…

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The Dream of Little Girls


Today, the dream is reality. They dance! They perform! They experience the wonder of the Arts in ways they never thought possible. Teen volunteers help with their every step. An imaginative pediatric physical therapist provides the inspiration. And it doesn’t stop at the dance studio. They take the dream into the neighborhoods in the tri-state area—helping reach over 1,000 elementary school children with a positive message about disability education.
The dream of little girls to put on a tutu and glitter-and dance just like other little girls their age. Despite their dreams, these girls were not able to dance like their friends, sisters, cousins and even their mothers. They had physical and medical challenges that prevented them from joining classes in their community.

The dream was realized for them in 2002. Joann Ferrara, a pediatric physical therapist with a background in ballet, was inspired to make the dreams of these girls come true. The tipping point was when one little girl came to Joann’s physical therapy session and said simply “I want to dance, but nobody will let me.” Not anymore. Joann gave her a tutu and tiara, which is in a “dress-up” box she keeps in her office, and conducted the session in costume. The little girl beamed.
In 10 years Dancing Dreams has grown from five girls to more than 50 (and growing!), ranging in age from 3 to 17. With 30 years of experience and her passion for dance, Joann designs and instructs dance classes for physically and medically challenged children and produces the annual performance, which is the highlight of their lives. Dancing Dreams became a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization in 2008 and relies on charitable contributions for funding.
They dance! Each aspiring ballerina has a “dance helper”—a high school student who is trained to assist the girls during class. At last count, Dancing Dreams has more than 60 dance helpers enrolled in the Dancing Dreams Teen Leadership Program. Each year culminates in a Dance Performance—a celebration of achievement.

“I have had a relationship with Dancing Dreams for several years now. It began when I attended one of their performances and saw the joy beaming from the dancers on stage. Girls of all ages were overcoming their disabilities, defying the world’s expectations, and performing on stage before their family and friends. The dancers’ spirits were shining like bright lights as they moved to the music. I have rarely been so moved by a performance.”

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Children Dreams in Singing

Making the Dream a Reality Once your child
The best part of shows like these is that some of these singers will go on to have long, professional singing careers and make a lucrative living doing something they love to do. It’s a dream many children have.

First, find a music studio in your area that offers private voice lessons. This type of one-on-one instruction allows students to progress at their own pace and gain the best understanding of musical techniques. Private voice lessons can be started as young as five years of age. These lessons can begin any time of the year or month, so there’s no need to wait to get started.

The singing coach you select should be a university trained teacher to guarantee that they are highly qualified. Additionally, if the music teacher you select has extensive performance experience, they will be better suited to passing that personal experience on to their students.
A voice teacher should also be selected based on their ability to communicate effectively with your child. The teacher should strive to relate their teaching to each individual student’s learning style, level of achievement, and personal singing style.

Voice teachers should create a customized lesson plan for their students. No two students will learn alike, or be on the same path or at the same level, so it is imperative that the teacher develop a music program that’s right for your child.

To become a professional singer, it must be something that your child is really motivated to accomplish. You and your child should begin seeking out opportunities for them to sing in public – be it in a school choir, in a local band, or at church.

These are just a few tips to get your and your child moving toward his or her dream as a professional singer. For more information about private voice lessons contact Wagner Dance and Music.

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Your Child’s Dream

Every child has her own idea of what home is. They often pretend to build make believe houses to express their creativity and imagination which is very essential in establishing their own perception of the family and home.
It does not matter of your child’s dreams is unrealistic or seems totally off the planet. The important thing is to get him excited and willing to learn more. If he aspires to be a pilot, then it is likely he will be interested to learn Science, Maths and Painting.
However, most parents said that their children do not know what they want. I feel that the primary reason boils down to their limiting beliefs. If you can give them a genie lamp which can grant them anything in the world, I am sure they will come out with a list of things! Hence, as along as you can help them to break down their limiting beliefs, I am sure they will dare to set BIG goals for themselves.The other reason could be because your child has not been exposed to the possibilities of what he can achieve in life. This is an area which you can help your child by exposing him to the different possibilities or even different careers in life.
You can also share your own dreams and goals with your child! Effective parents make it a family activity to share their goals with one another and give each other through constant encouragement. Some parents are worried that their kids may not be interested in adult goals such as career or health. But trust me; you will be greatly surprised at how inspired your kids will be when you share your part of life with them. They will feel so much more knowledgeable to learn some adult stuff that was never taught in school!

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